About xJigsaw

xjigsawxJigsaw combines xpuz with a simple gui that allows easy creation of jigsaw puzzles. It works without installation in all major GNU/Linux distributions.

xjigsaw is known to work on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Mint, Puppy, Bodhi, Mageia, Manjaro.

No need to install xpuz or xjig separately. Everything is in a single file. Just download, unzip and run.

xjigsaw Features

  • Works with png, gif, jpg, tif, bmp images
  • Image preview
  • Create stand-alone executable puzzles
  • Fix rotation angle of puzzle pieces when dragging
  • Choose different shapes for the puzzle pieces
  • Puzzle pieces snap to 90 deg angles
  • Swap mouse buttons
  • Set width of puzzle
  • Set number of puzzle pieces
  • Language support

xJigsaw is freeware and is free for private non-commercial use. It is not open source.

About xpuz

Xpuz is an X11 jigsaw puzzle. It is open source software. It is a fork of xjig 2.5, and has several improvements.

Easy puzzle creation
There are several ways to create a puzzle.
1. xpuz
You can use just a filepath with no options to create a default puzzle from the image in
. The puzzle will have approx 40 to 48 pieces.
example: xpuz "/path/to/myimage.jpg"

2. xpuz -play#
# = set a skill level 0 to 9.
example: xpuz play3 "/path/to/myimage.jpg"

example: xpuz -se -w 15 -p_style 3 -file "myimage.jpg"

Rotating drag
The most obvious changes in xpuz is the dragging and clicking.
I added the option to fix the piece during drag and rotate to angles to 90 deg angle when clicked. The puzzle can still be set to work as the original author intended.

Mouse Buttons
Mouse buttons can be reversed to allow a no rotate drag with the left button.

Sort pieces for me
Sorts out all the edge pieces, and puts them in a separate pile.
I added this option because I have always done the edges of jigsaws first, and I hate having to find all the edges.

Set style of pieces:
Choose a different shape for the pieces.
A few different styles were added.

Set mouse click speed
xpuz rotates pieces when the mouse click speed is fast enough to not be drag.
The default click speed is quite low (150ms), this is a bit fast for some users.
I added an option to change the speed 150 to 350 (default 200)

Disable left click rotate on main part of puzzle.
One of the problems created by the way the mouse buttons were used was accidental rotation of the main puzzle during play. Even with the mouse click speed set low, it is possible to accidentally rotate the main puzzle.
The left mouse button rotate is now disabled on pieces greater than 8. The right button rotate will always rotate the puzzle.

Do not rotate pieces
I added this for the younger children.
Pieces will stay the right way up, and mouse click rotation will be disabled.
This makes the jigsaw easier to do for the younger children